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Angelina's Halloween (angelina Ballerina)

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Angelinas Halloween


Author: Katharine Holabird

Halloween brings excitement and thrills for Angelina and her little sister Polly, who gives her an unexpected scare.
Should you be searching for a book I have come up with information. Get your hands on a copy of Angelina's Halloween by Katharine Holabird. The author is Katharine Holabird and it was published sometime in 2006 by Puffin. The kids book is focused on Halloween and is perceived as a very good fiction. The book has 32 pages and it incorporates plenty of fantastically colored illustrations, click the link below. ASIN: 014240621X

Trick-or-Treat with Angelina Ballerina!   Angelina's little sister, Polly, wants to be a pretty firefly too.   Polly settles for dressing up as a ghost, and on Halloween night, provides Angelina a surprise scare!   For Halloween, Angelina and her friend Alice make glorious firefly costumes— complete with delicate wings and tiaras.   But Angelina thinks she's too little.


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