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Angelina At The Fair (angelina Ballerina)

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Angelina At The Fair


Author: Katharine Holabird

Angelina's annoyance at having to take her little cousin Henry to the fair turns into friendship after a day filled with adventures and surprises.
I'm going to share with you an excellent kids book called Angelina At The Fair . The author is Katharine Holabird and it was published on the 19th of January, 2006 by Puffin. The kids book concerns Fairs and is perceived as awesome fiction. The kids book is 32 pages long and it incorporates loads of colorfully illustrated pictures. To order a copy at the best price, check out the shopping cart link on this site.

ASIN: 0142405914

All winter long, Angelina has been looking forward to the 1st day of May when the fair will come to town.   But right away after a day of adventures and surprises, they become the best of friends.   Angelina is upset when the day finally comes and her parents make her take her tiny cousin Henry along towards the fairground.


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