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Angelina And Alice (angelina Ballerina)

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Angelina And Alice
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Viking Juvenile

Author: Katharine Holabird

Angelina and her best friend Alice discover the importance of teamwork when their acrobatics are the hit of the gymnastics show at the village fair.
Searching for a really good kids book? Find a copy of Angelina And Alice (angelina Ballerina) by Katharine Holabird. Written by Katharine Holabird and it was published on the 4th of May, 2006 by Viking Juvenile. The hardcover kids book is concerning Friendship and it is thought to be a very good fiction. The kids book has 32 pages and it includes colorfully illustrated pages. The kids book furthermore emphasizes Mice and Gymnastics. We want you to get the best price and service when buying a kids book for your child!

ASIN: 0670061255

Angelina Ballerina loves turning cartwheels, hanging upside down, and also doing somersaults in the air. When Angelina tries and falls down, everyone laughs at her, which consists of Alice. But Alice can do perfect handstands, and Angelina can't. The only thing she likes better than doing tricks is doing them with her new friend Alice. After this, can Angelina and Alice learn to work together and turn into the best of friends again?


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